Engineering Services


CTE has 25 years of company experience with senior staff having over 30 years of individual geotechnical engineering experience. CTE provides geological and geotechnical services to public entities, developers, engineers, owners, and architects throughout California. Our firm maintains three regional offices with geographic coverage including Northern California and Nevada. Our geotechnical engineering is supported with registered engineering geologists (CEG) to evaluate geologic hazards including seismic conditions or potential site response to seismic events. Combining these two disciplines are required for essential services buildings throughout California.

Geotechnical drilling, engineering and laboratory testing is critical in designing and constructing new projects. Subsurface soil, rock and ground water conditions must be properly identified and classified to support design recommendations from architectural, civil and structural design professionals. As a result, the geotechnical and site exploration services directly influence the project improvements design and can have a significant impact on construction, duration and cost. CTE’s engineers and field staff work diligently to evaluate the subsurface conditions and deliver cost effective solutions. Geological and Geotechnical engineering often includes the following services:

• Geotechnical Engineering
• Geological Engineering
• Soil and Foundation Investigations
• Seismic Studies for IBC, CBC & Caltrans
• Liquefaction Analysis
• Feasibility Studies & Stability Studies
• Geological Investigations and Studies
• Earthquake Ground Response Studies
• Full Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

• Site Assessment
• Geophysical Sounding
• Foundation Analysis and Design
• Earth Retaining Structure Design
• Construction Recommendations
• Pavement Recommendations
• Soil and Rock Drilling / Sampling
• Ground Water Monitoring Plans
• Geotechnical Laboratory Testing


CTE Cal, Inc.'s (CTE) scope of work and report format are tailored to meet the needs of our clients with the scope of work meeting either ASTM E1527-05 or the ASTM E1527-13 Standard for Environmental Assessments. The assessment can address a variety of concerns include onsite contamination, adjacent property contamination, historical uses and may need to address asbestos, old equipment byproducts, lead-based paint or water quality issues.

CTE provides Phase II Environmental Site Assessment in support of possible Recognized Environmental Concerns (REC’s) noted in a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is not required for every property. The assessment is primarily initiated after the Phase I has noted potential or confirmed REC’s. The Phase II assessment typically involves additional research, developing a Sampling Work Plan performing sampling and analysis of potential site problems and then issue a report of findings.

CTE has over 20 years of experience in providing environmental services to public entities, developers, owners, and architects throughout Northern California and Nevada. This is just one of several engineering services offered from our three offices in California. CTE’s professional environmental services include:

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
• Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
• Phase III Environmental Site Assessment
• Preliminary Endangerment Assessment Services (PEAs)
• Supplementary Site Investigation Services (SSIs).


At CTE, we firmly believe Survey and Civil Design services are complimentary disciplines essential to a fully integrated engineering program focused on client service. Automated document support allows our design teams and survey crews to work in tandem to meet client objectives and efficiently maximize the design potential of each site. This is accomplished through a collaborative approach.

Site functionality, cost and a community-conscious designs are our central objectives. By combining individual creativity with engineering excellence, we apply these fundamental design goals to every public and private sector project. Whether a school, bridge, hospital, road, commercial, industrial or residential sub-division our company provides options and answers.

We proceed with the firm understanding the need for plans which are accurately prepared and straight forward will minimize confusion in the field. This philosophy prevents most field mistakes during challenging and sometime complex construction processes. In this regard, our comprehensive design capacity engages all aspects of civil design including tentative maps, street improvement plans, grading plans, setback plans; utility, drainage and septic plans, and complete final maps. With three fully staffed regional offices, we are capable of providing complete civil design services for all construction aspects of commercial, industrial, residential and government/military project requirements.